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Meet Interesting People

iKNOWit is a global meeting place, a knowledge commons, that connects people based on shared interests. A place where users share what they know with people they want to know. A place where knowledge discovery helps you to know more and search less.

Coffee Shop Blues (video 1 min)

Find and Share Knowledge

iKNOWit is powered by the largest directory of web content ever built. It is like having an AI assistant that understands your interests and delivers answers directly to you. No more wasted time opening links when the facts are at your fingertips.

Demonstration. (3 min)

Web3 Blockchain and Cybercurrency

To protect the right to know we use a Web3 blockchain decentralized ledger to protect and verify knowledge extracted from the world’s most trusted publishers.

The iKNOWit iCARE fungible token (FT) is a proof of stake cyber currency securitized by a share of digital ad revenue. Investors, users and creators will be able to realize fiat gains by trading iCARE on an Independent Exchange.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to protect the right to know for every internet user. 

iKNOWit is launching a new global content driven internet platform that uses blockchain technology to build safety into the social media experience. Safety means data protection, stopping the spread of hate, protecting children and making sure that our news is not manipulated. It’s about providing clear and transparent tools for consumers to get a better handle on their online experiences.

Launching soon.

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